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Sydney Paediatric Endocrinology


Sydney Paediatric Endocrinology was established to provide excellent specialist medical care for children and adolescents with diabetes and other endocrine (hormonal) conditions.

This is achieved through an evidence-based approach tailored to individual needs and by working closely with other health professionals where appropriate.

What is Paediatric Endocrinology?

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Diabetes is characterised by high blood glucose levels. The most common type of diabetes in children and adolescents is Type 1 diabetes.

Growth disorders

Everyone grows and matures differently. Children who are growing too slowly or too quickly, may need to see a Paediatric Endocrinologist.

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Thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders include an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism.

Other Endocrine

Disorders of puberty, the pituitray, adrenal and parathyroid gland and syndromes such as Turner's and Prader-Willi syndromes.

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Clinical Associate Professor Michelle Jack

Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist

Associate Professor Jack is a consultant specialist in paediatric endocrinology. Her areas of clinical expertise are the management of children and adolescents with diabetes and other hormonal disorders. read more

Carolyn Judge

Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Carolyn has been a Clinical Nurse Consultant at The Children's Hospital Westmead for over 16 years and has extensive experience in dealing with the highs and lows of managing a life with Type 1 Diabetes. read more

Gabe Donlevy

Paediatric Dietitian

Gabe Donlevy is a Paediatric Dietitian and has worked with children, adolescents and their families living with Diabetes for over 14 years. read more

Brenda Belzycki

Clinical Psychologist

Brenda is an experienced and highly qualified Clinical Psychologist with a Master of Clinical Psychology from the University of NSW. Brenda has undertaken additional specialist training with leading researches and clinicians in the areas of child behavior and emotional health. read more

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Suite 205, Level 2, SAN Clinic Tulloch
185 Fox Valley Road
Wahroonga NSW 2076


T: 1300 842 476
F: 02 9487 9733


Directions to Suite 205, SAN Clinic Tulloch

Please note this is a new area adjacent to, but not part of the SAN Clinic suites.

  • Drive through the main entrance of Sydney Adventist Hospital.
  • Take the second exit on the left and park at P1 car parking -this is Level 2.
  • Walk past the new reception area on Level 2, through the glass double doors and down the corridor.
  • Continue walking in a horseshoe past the wall sculptures.
  • Enter through the glass doors and walk down corridor. We are located at the end of the corridor.